About foodPHYTE

foodPHYTE is a kind, environmentally considerate provider of affordable wholesome food, education and member focussed services. If you can’t physically get into a foodPHYTE, we will strive to make sure you experience loads of ongoing value, with support for a healthier, kinder future.

A place where you have more control over:

  • the size of your meals
  • ingredient combinations and
  • cost of your meals

We understand the many challenges of accessing good food on a limited budget and think you should be able to find a meal at foodPHYTE.

In our dream is foodPHYTE is your favourite cafe, where you can

  • relax
  • meet friends
  • make friends
  • create and enjoy healthy meals without having to quiz waitstaff about ingredients that might be hidden
  • or haggle about swapping menu item ingredients around to fill a satisfying nutritious plate

We know healthy wholefood should cost less than a meat / cheese / egg based offerings and you will enjoy more suitable pricing; rather than our focus being on creating better profit margins than a standard cafe.

foodPHYTE – Meeting Friends

foodPHYTE, the café you enjoy, where the great tastes and smells are never interrupted by the sometimes disturbing items on other people’s nearby plates or the animal product cooking smells wafting from the kitchen.

The safe place to just plop yourself down and enjoy tasty, affordable meals and beverages that are consciously building foundations for positive future wellbeing; free of connections to pain or pollution.  

A business that has the ability and flexibility to provide catering support for healthy cruelty free themed weddings and parties, group events and picnics.

Providing take home weekly meal programmes for those just starting out with plant-based eating or are too life busy to prepare meals at home consistently and food preparation classes will be available for foodPHYTE members

Where food intolerances and special needs are considered and taken seriously.

Mobile enough to be present at festivals and community events where good options are hard to find or to visit neighbourhoods that are ‘good food deserts’ to help educate and feed the community. 

Sustainable and clean, zero waste of food and the smallest environmental footprint we can achieve.

A better place to work, where we develop and build the future providers of wholesome cruelty free foods. Where people not at ease working in the modern world of animal use can enjoy being a part of an important team.

We aim to showcase local talent with live music and art, (click here to contact us if you’re interested to add your talent) to support like-minded businesses and local organic food producers.

To draw in support for and attention to the needs of our animal friends and our environment. foodPHYTE is a community of members and friends; where you are welcome and encouraged to be an active part. 

More than a just café or a food-truck, this is a future focused project supported by and created for, the growing number of people moving towards healthy, cruelty free, and sustainable lifestyles. 

As we grow and develop, we will help others with a matching dream and entrepreneurial spirit to join in and start their own foodPHYTE.

You may not be local to us now, however this is the beginning of a community of connected services and businesses that may touch you in your town or as a traveller in the future; with your help and support in these early days, when it is crucial.  Without your support and social promotion, this may well become another one of those great things that almost happened. With global community support comes a global community initiative and positive impact. One thing you can know, with your support we will make a difference together; building a path and a model for further opportunity. Stay connected by Receiving updates and liking our Facebook Page

If you see yourself in this growing conscious community now or plan to be in the future, CONNECT with us here to learn how and when you can make this happen, join the growth and spread our reach.

foodPHYTE will be looking for your vote of confidence and stamp of approval via a Kickstarter Campaign, read more …..