The Animals

We think it is important that human society move to a 100% plant sourced diet. There is no reason for animals to be on our menus ethically, scientifically or environmentally.

There has been more than enough suffering endured by farmed animals and any moves we can make to reduce and eliminate animal sourced products from our lives, makes a huge difference, as to how industries proceed into the future. We vote with our purchases and choices.

The first and easiest place to start reducing the unnecessary cruelty, is by making a shift in diet towards a plant sourced one. foodPHYTE is a place to come to do that, real meals, tasty meals, affordable meals.

To assist you there will be classes on shopping and cooking, meal services for take home use and ongoing support.

Unfortunately, the suffering and the unnatural mass existence of many species, will continue as long as industries can profit more from engaging in farming animals than any of the alternative options available. Some lucky critters, through the extension of human kindness, do manage to escape ongoing exploitation and a terrible fate.

There are several amazing animal sanctuaries in the regions around us that are always looking for support to care for and feed their growing families. foodPHYTE is creating a sanctuary support fund, where a percentage of capital raised and ongoing sales from operations, will be distributed to organisations we link with. This is particularly important with changes to the climate putting pressure on the costs of simply providing feed. Contact us to learn more.

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