The Food For You

Our menu is being developed to provide clean, safe, wellness promoting meals and beverages.

Mostly Organic, wholefood and from plants. The kitchen will be free of gluten containing grains and there will always be meals that are suited for those looking for a low FODMAP choice. Like the foods prepared, the fats and oils included, will be part of a wholefood where possible; a low added fat and sugar content is the aim for all menu items.

The meals available will be seasonally adjusted to take advantage of the wide array of local produce available.

Keeping it close and reducing the carbon footprint of your choice.

We don’t want to be cliche in our offering either, so we are aiming to recreate favourite styles and to create some new meals as well.

The main thing is that there are enough choices, enough value and enough enjoyment in each visit that you see foodPHYTE as a regular go to rather than just that occasional treat.

We know it can be hard to make the shift to healthier choices, when there are so many processed offerings, from all the businesses profiting from the growing interest in eating more plant sourced foods. So we will be setting up a meal programme for members, that provides a weekly selection of main meals to take home. Also members will be offered classes in food preparation and meal planning.

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Contact us now if you have a dish that really tickles your fancy.