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Do Plant Based folk and Vegans represent the fastest growing social and health movement?

Well, statistically, it appears to be the case. So why are so many people finding it so hard to eat well and find nice places to meetup?

Maybe mainstream hospitality is hoping it is a fad.

At foodPHYTE (food = nutritious substance we eat + PHYTE = plants), we are resolving this problem by creating a food business and online community platform. A business, that not only provides a range of food services locally, but is also a wealthy resource and education portal for all our members globally. That’s right, members with benefits, not just customers.

Phyte for a Better World

We don’t know about you, however from our experience, choosing to live and eat in a healthful, ethical and kind way in our part of the world has its challenges. 

This challenge in some cases is so great unfortunately, to stop some people from going out to eat and socialise at all.  We want foodPHYTE to be that special regular sanctuary for those around us, no challenges, no stress.

A place, created especially for you, to address those challenges and provide a positive social setting; plus more.  That is foodPHYTE 😊 and if you are seeking a place to meet and make new friends, to enjoy affordable and appealing food, music and art; we would love to make that happen for you as soon as possible.

If you are out of our geographical reach right now, we want foodPHYTE to be a reliable source of support, information and community for you; with a view to get closer to you or to provide services for you when you are travelling in our part of the world.

On this site we have provided an outline of what foodPHYTE is about, what we will be achieving for human health, our animal friends and for our beautiful planet. Please have a read through our vision and see if we are aligned. If so we would love for you to connect with us and learn more about where we are headed.

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